Underground Title Debut: THE GOLDEN PRINCESS

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Underground Book Reviews is proud to announce the release of a new Underground Title – THE GOLDEN PRINCESS by UBR co-founder Brian L. Braden.

"Escape the City of Gold, or live forever in chains."

Raised in splendid isolation.
Betrothed to a man she despises.
Destined to rule over the greatest city on earth.
She is the Golden Princess.

Sarah dreams of love and adventure beyond her gilded prison, but tonight her dreams come true in the most terrifying way imaginable. A bloody power struggle erupts for the throne, and dawn finds the princess on the run with a bounty on her head. Alone and hunted by guards, criminals and a ruthless slaver who will stop at nothing to burn his brand into her flesh, Sarah must summon courage she never knew she possessed.

Hope, however, comes in the form of two lowly thieves. Driven by a secret, they race through Hur-ar’s underworld to find Sarah before her enemies do.

Before the next sunset, Sarah’s fate, and that of empires, will be decided with gold, steel and blood.

For the next few days you can buy THE GOLDEN PRINCESS, as well as Brian’s epic fantasy series THE CHRONICLES OF FU XI on sale at the Amazon Kindle Store. Go to Brian’s Facebook page and register for a chance to win free e-copies of all his books, as well as signed paperbacks.

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Brian L. Braden

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