Your Brain and Death Songs

September 26, 2016

Review of Falling in Death and Love by Magnus Stanke

by Kim Kash       Selected as a Top Pick!      

Stanke’s wildly thrilling period piece captures not just the groovy vibe of post-Franco Spain in 1977, but also the feel, the look, the smell, of Mallorca just as tourism was starting to really make inroads into the formerly pristine island.

Review of You Are My Song by Susan Moore Jordan

by Anita Lock       Reviewer Rating: 5 Stars      

You Are My Song creates a nice closure to a great trilogy! There is no doubt that the largest draw of readers will come from those who are musically inclined—whether instrumentalists or listeners. Yet Jordan incorporates so much more than the opera scene to grab the attention of anyone looking for a captivating read.

Your Brain is the Enemy: Motivation Pitfalls and You

by Steve Wetherell            

I’m going to talk to you about keeping motivated in writing. I feel I am qualified to do this, as I have put off starting this article until just now, three days before my dead line. I am no stranger to procrastination, demotivation, temporization, or indeed any other kind of ation. Yes, especially that one.

Author Spotlight: Brian G Murray

Here at the Underground, our goal is to promote as many quality indie authors as we can. Toward this end, we’re continuing Author Spotlights. If you are an author and like what you see, go to our submission page for a chance to be featured on Underground Book Reviews! Please welcome Brian G Murray!


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