Author Spotlight: John McDonell

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If you had a writing motto what would it be?
"Write, Write, Bloody Well Write" Re-worked and stolen from Supertramp. I often have this tune in my head just before I begin writing. Why? Because I need every verbal, mental and physical kick in keister I can get sometimes.

Where do you draw your inspiration?
For writing inspiration I have to tell you what I like. I love story. I love long gradual buildups, where the main character(s) have to overcome so much that it seems impossible they will ever reach their goals. I draw inspiration from writers who do that; which is pretty much every successful author. For inspiration in general, I love stories about real people, particularly authors who have become successful, or entrepreneurs who have done the same. Right now I draw tons of inspiration and actual 'hope' for the planet from Elon Musk of Tesla and Space X.

What is one interesting fact about you?
I climbed a volcano called Villaricca in Chile that has since erupted.

Have you learned anything from the self publishing process and would you do anything differently next time?
Yup. I would have more patience and research the marketing aspects of it more intensely at least six months before I released my book.

What has been your most successful marketing strategy?
To be honest I am too new to know at this point. I am trying lots of things. That being said, so far facebook has been my best friend because I made all of my friends and family buy my book. That wave is about to crest though.

What is the best kept secret you have found in regard to indie publishing?
Independence. It really is all up to me how well the book is marketed. I am sure there is far more work and some very steep learning curves but at the end of the day, I have met some incredible people who helped me pull it all together and I am proud of how my book looks and reads.

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