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August 14, 2017

Top Pick! Review of Jane the Quene by Janet Wertman

by Amy R. Biddle       Selected as a Top Pick!      

Well executed and thoroughly researched, Jane the Quene is for romance lovers and history buffs alike. One part romantic drama and two parts historic fiction, Jane the Quene follows innocent Jane Seymour as she goes from the plain girl who keeps her head down to the center of of attention and power. Janet Wertman delivers pages of beautiful prose in a well-researched first book. And it doesn’t stop here! Readers can expect to gobble up more courtly intrigue as the saga continues.

SHELFIES: Sara-Jayne Slack of Inspired Quill

by Bill Kieffer            

Inspired Quill is a not-for-profit traditional publishing house. This means that our authors don’t pay us a penny (we pay our them decent royalties), and any profits we make get put straight back into IQ to expand our processes, marketing budget, etc. We currently publish across 7 genres: Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Steampunk, Dystopian, YA, Literary and LGBT. We used to be a ‘we’ll accept every genre!’ publisher, but over time we realised that in order to do a great job on each title, we needed to focus down. We haven’t gone totally niche, but we actually have a list of accepted genres now. We’ve always published both paperback and eBook versions, so we’ve been pretty ahead of the curve when it comes to formats. And while we’ve always been keen on publishing works that show diversity (PoC, LGBT, Disability, Gender, etc), over the past year or so we’ve really been focusing on the importance of these elements and have redeveloped our social mission statement.


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