Running Late

November 27, 2017

Review of DRAWN TO YOU by Liwen Ho

by Melody Delgado       Selected as a Top Pick!      

A sweet, mildly inspirational romance featuring a spunky and unique main character with a love interest that is a true match for her. Since it is a novella, it made for a quick read, but sparks few quickly, in many directions and in many ways, making for a true page turner.

SHELFIES: Peter Frycki of Out In Jersey Magazine and OutInJersey.Net

by Bill Kieffer            

I met Peter Frycki very early in 2017 at my first LGBT networking event. It was a hard sort of thing for me as I’m terribly uncomfortable if I’m near real people and away from the keyboard. Next to the host of the event, Brian Blatz of Fiddleheads Bistro, Peter was the first person I screwed up the courage to talk to. The shiny magazine covers attracted me. I’d never seen them before in my part of New Jersey. And I wanted one, so I had to approach him, if only to buy one. Turns out they were free and my life has improved just a little bit but snagging them. Peter turns out to be one of those great conversationalists and when his eyes lock on yours, you instantly feel engaged with the pleasant weight his attention. So, I thought I’d let you meet one of my newest friends, a publisher who doesn’t publish the books we usually share here on Underground Book Reviews. He’s very much an Indie Publisher that you should know!


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The Unraveling of Brendan Meeks by Brian Cohn
The Fridgularity by Mark A. Rayner
By Light of Hidden Candles by Daniella Levy

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