Author Spotlight: Tom Minder

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If you had a writing motto what would it be?
Enjoy writing and write about what interests you. Don't cater to trends, since trends change. If you feel blocked, write something, anything. As a colleague once said: you can't think your way out of writing block, but you can write your way out of thinking block.

Where do you draw your inspiration?
In literature, Dostoyevsky's Crime and Punishment and the works of Graham Greene. Both wrote about characters who face moral dilemmas and make the wrong choice. Don't we all, sometimes. In life, I observe those around me and marvel with how they cope,

What is one interesting fact about you?
I know no one famous. It's amazing. You'd think you'd meet someone just by chance. However, everyone is famous for 15 minutes, so maybe everyone I've met is famous, or soon will be.

Have you learned anything from the self publishing process and would you do anything differently next time?
That marketing is squarely on the shoulders of the author. There are sites offering help, and your publisher will provide some guidance, but you are CEO of your work.

What has been your most successful marketing strategy?
I have had several signings at various Barnes and Nobles in the Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware region. I've developed a good pitch and enjoy engaging potential readers. I hand out business cards and swag associated with my book, and consider each interaction to be a successful engagement whether I sell a copy or not.

What is the best kept secret you have found in regard to indie publishing?
That fellow indie authors experience the same issues and doubts, and that collaboratively we can learn from each other and make each other better authors and communicators. My publisher, Black Rose Writing, has a well functioning Facebook author page which facilitates this. I also belong to several writing groups, including The South Jersey Writers' Group, which expose me to other types of writing and genre and publishing strategies. The secret then: There's strength in numbers for the Indie author.

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