5 Star Science Fiction, Miller Time and Pryal Style

March 14, 2016

Review of Chasing Shadows by K. N. Salustro

by Katie Rose Guest Pryal       Reviewer Rating: 5 Stars      

Perfect for science fiction fans, especially those looking to dive into a new series. Both Lissa and Lance are compelling characters, and it is worth taking the time to get to know them. A great book.

Haters Gonna Hate

by Renee Miller            

Some of you might think who you are doesn’t impact your book sales. I mean, what matters is that you wrote a kickass book, right? Pfft. Don’t kid yourselves. Your likability is important to a reader.

Websites for Writers Part 2: Design and Blogging Ideas

by Katie Rose Guest Pryal            

This column, the follow-up to my last column, delves deeper into suggestions for how you might design and use your author website, including suggestions for design and blogging.

Author Spotlight: Brandon Zenner

Brandon Zenner is an american fiction writer. His short fiction has been published in both print and online publications, the first being submitted when he was just 19 years old. THE EXPERIMENT OF DREAMS, his debut ebook thriller, has reached Amazon’s top-ten charts within its genre many times. His second novel, WHISKEY DEVILS, was released in early 2016, and nominated in the Global Ebook Awards. His genres of choice are thrillers, crime, dystopian, and science fiction.


Pitch Perfect Pick Winner

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The Experiment of Dreams by Brandon Zenner

Benjamin Walker has taken a job working on a project named “Lucy,” a machine capable of recording a persons dreams in intimate detail. All is finally going well for Ben … until strange dreams begin to plague him, and hidden memories begin to reveal themselves. No one is who they seem …

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The Tree of Mindala by Elle Jacklee
Deception by Dan Lawton
La Déesse Noire: The Black Goddess by Mari Christie

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