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Looking back at 2016, there were over 700 submissions and 66 books reviewed. As we close out the old year in preparation for the new, we are taking a look at the best 13 books - our reviewers' Top Picks. Our team of judges are finishing the last few books and deliberating on an Editor's Choice winner. Meanwhile, it's up to you, our readers, to determine the Reader's Choice award! Voting will close January 31st, and the final winners will be announced in the first March issue of 2017. Below, you will find a description of the awards and prizes. Voting takes place on our Facebook page.


Novel of the Year: Editors' Choice - Selected by our editors with the help of a team of judges. Every nominated book will be read by a minimum of two judges. Each judge will comment on professional presentation, literary voice, plot/theme/pacing, characterization/dialogue, and suspension of disbelief. The books will then be ranked against each other, with high-ranked books going on to be read and ranked by 3-5 judges total. All judges will fill out a oting sheet for each book, which authors will receive anonymously at the end of the voting period. The final Editor's Choice award will be given to the book that stands out the most within its genre.

Novel of the Year: Readers' Choice - Decided by popular vote, on Facebook.


Editor's Choice Prize:
- $200 in publicity services for the winning novel (author's choice of publicist)

Reader's Choice Prize:
- $200 in editing services for the winning novel (author's choice of editor)

Both winners will receive:
- $100 budget towards professional cover re-design to include our award logo (author's choice of designer)
- Three free months of advertising at the top of our sidebar ($50 value)
- A lifetime of moral support from the Underground Team (yes, we'll announce your next book release!)

All entries will receive:
- A minimum of two anonymous critiques/responses from each judges' voting sheet.
- 1 to 5 personal reviews on Amazon and Goodreads from our judges (rating NOT guaranteed to be positive!)

In order to claim prizes, all we ask is that the author proudly displays our award icon on the front cover of the winning book. Prize money must be spent on Underground Certified services. If the author would like to use a specific publicist, editor or designer which has not yet been listed on Underground Book Reviews, the service provider must first go through our registration and certification process.

Please note: Entry into our Novel of the Year competition DOES NOT guarantee a review in our Magazine!


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