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June 26, 2017

Review of THE LAST DETECTIVE by Brian Cohn

by Lynne Hinkey       Selected as a Top Pick!      

Whether you’re a fan of sci-fi fan, hard-boiled detective stories, or mysteries, this book will appeal to you. Yes, it crosses genre lines, but in such a seamless manner and with such elegant prose, even purists of any one of those genres will be satisfied. But, don’t grab The Last Detective if you’re looking for a cozy mystery. The violence isn’t gratuitous but some of it is graphic. The superb writing and editing, and complex plotting of The Last Detective make it a great read for anyone who enjoys an exciting who-done-it.

SHELFIES: Sheela Lambert, Director of the Bi Writers Association

by Bill Kieffer            

Within a few months of finding the bi community, I started looking up when I came into the building and seeing this sign that said “Lesbian and Gay” but not Bisexual or Transgender. That started to bother me. I brought the issue up to the other women in my women’s group and we started talking about it. A whole bunch of us formed a working group. We wrote a letter. We got some other people from outside our group involved: men, a bi woman black poet that I hadn’t known before – other people connected us up. We had three or four representatives go into a meeting with The Center. That was the beginning of that. It took them about ten years to actually change the name and become fully inclusive. The purpose of these awards is to acknowledge and reward the authors, the publishers who publish bi-themed books, and to encourage them to continue to do it. From the time we started that one little category in the Lammies, where we identified maybe 18 books, ultimately winnowed down to 10 that fit our guidelines. Now, this year, for the Bisexual Book Awards, with 13 categories, I started with 200-something books and wound up with 106 submitted. That’s a lot of progress.


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