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| 2.5 stars: Review of DEATH IN THE DEVIL’S RANGE by Michael L. Patton | TOP PICK! Review of HERO FORGED by Josh Erikson | Review of Damaged Beyond All Recognition | 3 stars: Review of INTRODUCING GERTRUDE, GUMSHOE by Robin Merrill | 4 stars: Review of Waking Chaos by T.L. Callahan | 3.5 stars: Review of WESTMORE AND MORE! by by Jud Widing | 5 Stars! Review of THE FAIRYTALE CHICAGO OF FRANCESCA FINNEGAN by Steve Wiley | Review of THE LAST DETECTIVE by Brian Cohn | Review of STANLEY MCCLOUD MUST DIE! by Adrian Baldwin | TOP PICK! GARY’S GUIDE TO LIFE by Michael Nabavian and Phil Wall | Review of THE LOST DREAMSTONE by Gary Val Tenuta – 4 Stars | So You Want Me to Review Your Book | Review OF THE AMAZING ADVENTURES OF DASHING PRINCE DIETRICH Igor Ljubuncic | Interview with Igor Ljubuncic: Author of THE AMAZING ADVENTURES OF DASHING PRINCE DIETRICH | Review of QUEST FOR THE HOLY SNAIL by Rob Johnson | Underground Title Debut: Release of THE UN-FAMILIAR: A Tale of Cats and Gods | Review of The Tree of Mindala by Elle Jacklee | Review of EZEMBE by Jeffrey L Morris | Review of My Life as a Sperm by William Darrah Whitaker | Interview With William Darrah Whitaker | Review of Codename Cupcake by Jillian Green DiGiacomo | Review of Between Lions and Lambs by N.T. McQueen | Interview With Robert Klose | Review of Long Live Grover Cleveland by Robert Klose

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