A Magical Assembly

May 8, 2017

Review of MAGICAL EYES by Jessica DAgostini

by Yvonne Lieblein       Reviewer Rating: 4 Stars      

With a female protagonist coming to terms with claiming and wielding her power, this fantasy adventure is rooted in timeless, universal themes. There are moments Magical Eyes: Dawn of the Sand resembles other coming of age tales infused with magic and mayhem so closely that it lacks freshness (and antagonist Drago will forever be Draco Malfoy in my imagination) . However, the story blossoms each of the many times descriptive writing juxtaposes Princess Martina’s inner and outer worlds, deftly showing how each one tests the princess’ courage and belief in herself. This book is ideal for multi-generational sharing, a great choice for reading together at bedtime (aloud, with character voices!) or over a rainy weekend. Be sure not to miss the colorful illustrations at the end of the book.

Authors Assemble! The Pros and Cons of Joining Forces

by Steve Wetherell            

Many of you have no doubt found yourselves attached to like-minded writers, and maybe even found yourselves writing under a banner, rather than as a lone wolf. I myself have done this a couple of times, and I’d like to share with you my experiences, so that I can help you decide wether you’re a dangerous maverick renegade, or belong on a team of dangerous maverick renegades.

An Enlightening Interview with Ed Earl Burch of The Right Wrong Number

by Anita Lock       Selected as a Top Pick!      

Today we are interviewing the fictional Ed Earl Burch, anti-hero extraordinaire. Burch is the driving force behind Jim Nesbitt’s crime series, LAST SECOND CHANCE and THE RIGHT WRONG NUMBER – two Top Picks here at Underground Book Reviews! If you’ve read these books, take a deeper look into the man that makes them move. If you haven’t read them yet, get to know your new favorite retired cop.


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