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January 23, 2017


by Amanda McSweeney       Reviewer Rating: 4 Stars      

Lucas James is a musician. He has an inner rock-god dying to come out and it’s only a matter of time until he makes it to the big time. He can’t let small things like paying rent or working a day job get in his way. But his fiancee, Jackie, has had enough of waiting and supporting him. She walks out, leaving Lucas with a broken heart and an empty bank account. With his rent coming due, Lucas needs to find a way to get the money together and get his life on track. But how can he stay true to himself and his musical ambitions if he sells out and gets a job?

Review of TEETH by Chele Cooke

by Bill Kieffer       Reviewer Rating: 4 Stars      

In an unnamed city, Thomas awakens with the worst hangover in his life. Literally, he opens his eyes to discover a woman trussed up and hanged over him, bleeding to death. It is also the last hangover of his life. His human life, that is.

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You know what book I’m reading now? Not yours, that’s what. Because you haven’t finished writing it, because your too damn busy looking at cute cat videos and getting pissed off at someone else’s political posts. I know that’s harsh, but too many of you indie authors are surfing the net instead of writing your next book.  Don’t worry, I have good news. Talpa is here to help. From now on, I’m going to surf the internet for you.

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There are five sales and giveaways this week, including a three from UBR’s Renee Miller. Her title SEX, PEANUTS, FANGS, AND FUR is only 99 cents: “You always knew Armageddon would start in the North.”


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All Lesser Means by JA Pipes

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Our Lady of the Inferno by Preston Fassel
The Forgotten: Heir of the Heretic by J. Lynn Else
American Nemesis by Mark Lynch

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