Hunting for the Right Words.

May 28, 2018

3 stars: Review of IHUNT by David A Hill Jr

by Amanda McSweeney       Reviewer Rating: 3 Stars      

#iHunt: Killing Monsters in the Gig Economy is a clever, modern urban fantasy by Olivia Hill. Lana, an overworked, underpaid millennial, is just trying to keep her rent paid. Supplementing her terrible service job with freelance gigs on the iHunt, the Uber of monster hunting, Lana finds herself becoming embroiled in the supernatural underworld of her town. She fights vampires and werewolves for a non-guaranteed fee, reluctantly trains eager friends in monster hunting, and potentially finds love with the last person she might expect.

Wrong Words

by Renee Miller            

It’s wise to understand and be aware of trigger words and words that just rub people the wrong way (even without reason) so we can either avoid them or use them to elicit the desired response from the reader (without annoying them or turning them off).

Author Spotlight: Frank Morelli

Frank Morelli, author of NO SAD SONGS, talks about the supportiveness of the indie publishing world and the absence of his spleen. A Philadelphia native, Frank now lives near Greensboro, NC in a tiny house under the trees with his best friend and muse, their obnoxious alley cats, and two hundred pounds worth of dog.


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