The Anthropomorphic Elephant Issue

August 20, 2018

Review of Padma and the Elephant Sutra by W L Snowden

by Bill Kieffer       Reviewer Rating: 4 Stars      

I got what I came for, namely the anthropomorphic elephants. It was very realistically accomplished. Instead of feeling like a fantasy adapted race of creatures who just happened to have trunks, the Elephants of Ceylon and Kandy come to life as the very smart creatures they really are. The human race did not do so well. They broke my heart throughout the final chapters. Padma’s adventures seemed much too straightforward until she met the old soldier, George. Maybe it is the human arrogance in me, but I think I would have liked meeting the crazy man sooner. Or, perhaps, that’s the point of the tale. Padma’s people are much better stewards of the world than man ever was and will, perhaps, never be. This may be the best magical realism book that I’ve read this year.

SHELFIES: B.K. Bass of Kyanite Press

by Bill Kieffer            

We have just launched our company and so far have three eBook titles scheduled to release this fall. We are hoping to add one or two more. Our launch has garnered overwhelmingly positive response from the writing community, and we are excited to be looking at so many wonderful submissions… Kyanite Publishing is an author owned and operated publishing company focusing on providing opportunities for aspiring and self-published authors of speculative fiction to break into the realm of traditional publishing. We picture ourselves creative a collaborative community around Kyanite, where everybody can take advantage of the success of other community members via cross-marketing programs and creative collaborations.


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