Empathy, Weasels and A Book Review

February 20, 2017

Review of NOT EVERY GIRL by Jane McGarry

by Kate Ashley       Reviewer Rating: 3 Stars      

With action-packed scenes, a strong (albeit imperfect) female protagonist and set in a well-developed world, this story is for those who want a light and refreshing read about being brave enough not to live up to what others expect you to be and forging your own path.

SHELFIES: Weasel of Weasel Press and Red Ferret Press

by Bill Kieffer            

My name’s Weasel. I got my Bachelor of Arts in Literature and I now use the damn thing as a piece of scrap paper fueling Weasel Press and our projects. I’ve published quite a few books with some publishers, most are now out of print. I do have two current books: “a warm place to self-destruct, (Self-Published),” and “We Live for Half-Moons (Thurston Howl Publications).” I don’t like to talk much about my childhood. All I can say about it is that it happened and now I’m here. I got into literature in late high school early college. I was going to be a horror writer, that is until I found the Beats. The first time I read Ginsberg’s Howl my heart stopped. I went crazy. I started writing beat literature. I don’t know how well I’m doing, but I write a bit of furry lit as well. I try to have a Burrough’s take on Furry or a Bukowski take on Furry. I’ve just not seen a furry Kerouac haha! Aside from that I’m mainly a poet and I fight hard for poetry as it doesn’t get a lot of respect nowadays. But we need it, more than ever.

Can Fiction Teach Us Empathy? 10 Books that Changed Us for the Better

by Lauren Faulkenberry            

Now more than ever, it seems vital to work toward understanding each other. So this month I asked a few writer friends to tell me about books with protagonists who taught them what it was like to truly walk in someone else’s shoes—someone very different from themselves. Here are our top ten recommendations.


Pitch Perfect Pick Winner

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The Year of Uh by Jud Widing

Pitch Perfect Finalists

Harry’s Justice by Andy Wiseman
A Flash of Red by Sarah K. Stephens
The Last Detective by Brian Cohn
The Vatican Cameos: A Sherlock Holmes Adventure by Richard T. Ryan

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