Wizards Review

October 16, 2017

Review of A WIZARDS FORGE by A.M. Justice

by Katie French       Reviewer Rating: 5 Stars       1

“Scholar. Slave. Warrior. Wizard.” Vic is the youngest log keeper in generations. This means that she memorizes the last recordings of the spaceship Elesendar, a craft from Earth that was stranded on her planet thousands of years ago. The people of this planet have descended from those left on the surface. What survives is a diverse culture spread across the surface of Knownearth. But when Vic is captured and sold into sex slavery, things take a drastic turn.

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Our goal at Underground Book Reviews is to provide a service for indie authors, not just reviews, but also networking and finding quality services to use on their books. So when we heard that one of our highly rated authors had teamed up with one of our graphic designers, we thought it was a success story that needed to be told.

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