Angel of Song

Master of Illusion Book Three
December 18, 2015
GenreLiterary, Romance, Women's
Audience Adult, Young Adult
Format Book Length Manuscript
Type Historic Fiction
Word Count 120-140k (pretty long)

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Reviewed on April 18, 2016

Review by Yvonne Lieblein

The Rundown

It’s 1913, and 17 year-old debutante Angelique de Villefontaine lives a sheltered life even though she is the star soprano of Opera Magigue of Paris. When her guardian the marquis du Bois agrees to tell Angelique her Godmama’s story, she is bombarded with harsh realities – from the idea that a different set of rules apply to those in power to the horrific notion that asset matches trump love in the noble class. These undercurrents make Angelique aware of the complex relationships surrounding her, and set the stage for the tides of confusion and loss that swell ever-swiftly as World War I draws near.

Appreciation for her talent and beauty crescendos, and the cadence of Angelique’s life accelerates. Soon her mentors can no longer shield her from the lure of the limelight. As the marquis du Bois fervently works behind the scenes to fortify Paris for the battles on the horizon, Angelique is unaware of his efforts and focuses on her career and the tour that promises to make her notoriety surge to new heights.

When an assassination highjacks her plans, Angelique’s life is turned upside down. Traumatized by all she has felt and observed, and still in the dark about her mentor’s role in her current reality, she discovers that helping the wounded is a salve for staying sane. During these dark days, Angelique learns about love and the power of letting go. She also becomes known as the embodiment of her name, an angel whose voice soothes the wounded and inspires troops.

As the Allies struggle to defeat their ruthless enemy, will Angelique’s voice become the secret weapon they’ve been searching for?

The Recommendation

The third tale in Anna Rouen’s MASTER OF ILLUSION series can also stand alone, and for readers drawn to historical fiction, intrigue and romance, ANGEL OF SONG is a novel hat trick. Rouen weaves many layers into the fabric of the story — from Angelique’s journey of self-discovery and the complexities of love and loss to the chaos of war and the transformative power of music. While a bit slow at times, ANGEL OF SONG’s well-developed plot and rich character relationships will keep readers turning pages with anticipation.

The Rating Reviewer Rating: 4 Stars

4 Stars (out of 5): Recommended. For the right audience, this book is a great read. It can hold its own against any traditionally published novel in its genre.

The Pros & Cons

Pros: Characterization, Strong World-Building
Cons: Slow in Places

Author’s Summary

From award-winning author Anne Rouen, comes the third novel in the Master of Illusion series. Angel of Song is a historical romance set in France during the Great War.

Born into the halcyon era of the Belle Époque, Parisian debutante Angelique de Villefontaine has been shielded all her young life by her influential guardian, the marquis du Bois, and his lifelong companion, Madame Dupont. Despite the protection of her mentors, the allure of her ethereal beauty and surpassing talent cannot be restrained, and Angelique’s life becomes a frenetic whirl of performance and social engagement, peppered with the seduction of fame and adulation. Though she has a voice of an angel, she is not without her demons.

Unbeknownst to Angelique, her guardian is frantically attempting to bring the antiquated French Military into the twentieth century. Acutely aware of growing political tensions and paranoia sweeping Europe, the marquis’ efforts are rebuffed. Despairing, he sends his protégé on a mission hitherto unthinkable. Oblivious to this seething political clime, Angelique embarks on the most important tour of her budding career, only to be turned back by a murder that plunges the world into darkness.

Rendered hysterical by the horrors of war, Angelique rallies to help the wounded. Amidst rumours of an angel whose voice can inspire, soothe and heal, an eminent general makes an astonishing request. And the marquis must use all his ingenuity to protect his ward from enemies, both within their own military and without.

In the particular hell of the trenches, soldiers sacrifice their lives to hold their posts against insurmountable odds; and as the French search for inspiration to counter the nihilistic policy of an implacable enemy, they find they already have a secret weapon —their own Angel of Song.

Short Description

Angel of Song is a historical romance set in France during WWI. In the hell of trenches, the Allied soldiers sacrifice their lives to hold their posts against insurmountable odds. Looking for inspiration, the French believe they’ve found a secret weapon from an unlikely source, the Angel of Song.


The Allies have a secret weapon to fight against the Kaiser.

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