Beyond Cloud Nine (Beyond Saga Book 1)

September 17, 2014
GenreAction/Adventure, Dystopian, Science Fiction
Audience Adult
Format Book Length Manuscript
Type General Fiction
Word Count 120-140k (pretty long)

Editing, Production, Marketing & Sales

Published Through Amazon Createspace – KDP
Read a positive review
Distributed by Amazon
Additional services through Aaron Page (Character Designs)

Author’s Summary

Ace star fighter pilot Brooke Davis lives for pushing hundreds of gees in orbital combat, but she’d give it all up in a moment to become the first human to fly faster than light. When Brooke stumbles upon a conspiracy involving terrorists, aliens, and the highest levels of government, she finds their goals seductive but their methods abhorrent. With the moral core of human civilization hanging in the balance, she must risk her shot at history, her family, and her life to prevent the schemers from forcing their nefarious brand of salvation upon the solar system.

Short Description

Ace star fighter pilot Brooke Davis dreams of becoming the first human to fly faster than light.


Utopia by deception

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