The Last Great American Magic

August 1, 2016
GenreAction/Adventure, Coming of Age, Contemporary, Drama, Fantasy, Literary, Magical Realism, Science Fiction, World Building, World Literature
Audience Adult
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Type Historic Fiction
Word Count 80-100k (average)

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Reviewed on December 12, 2016

Review by Brian L. Braden

The Rundown

The first few pages of a book are sacred real estate, it’s the place where a good author has only one chance to win the reader’s attention…or lose it forever. L.C Fiore obviously understands this, and that’s exactly why I kept reading THE LAST GREAT AMERICAN MAGIC. The story opens with a vivid, compelling scene of the legendary Shawnee warrior Tecumseh facing his own death. After only a few paragraphs I was hooked.

I began reading expecting a historical retelling of one of America’s greatest folk heroes. Yes, the novel tells a fictional account of Tecumseh’s boyhood and early life. We see the Shawnee warrior’s rise to prominence among his tribe and those of eastern North America between the American Revolution and the War of 1812. Fiore, however, delivers more than a just conventional historical fiction story. What makes this retelling different is that it presented through the lens of magical realism. Fiore presents Shawnee spiritualism, and how it shapes Tecumseh’s destiny, at face value and blends the historical, fictional and magical seamlessly and believably.

This is a story of destiny and struggle. From early childhood, Tecumseh sees himself as one chosen, and forged, by otherworldly powers to halt the American juggernaut’s conquest westward into the Ohio frontier. As the story progresses, the reader comes to understand that the greatest obstacles in his path are not Americans themselves, but his family, his people, and his own heart. Throughout his youth, Tecumseh wrestles with his obligations to care for his self-destructive younger brother, Rattle, and the guilt he feels over a tragic childhood accident that cripples Rattle for life. Tecumseh must also deal with mysterious spiritual allies and enemies, who flash in and out of existence without warning to influence mortal affairs. Tecumseh also must grapple with his own people, and the other Indian nations, who have begun to bend to the Americans’ yoke. Ultimately, in my opinion, it was love that sealed Tecumseh’s fate.

I did not expect such a powerful and compelling (or steamy) love story when I picked up this novel. Tecumseh’s deep feelings for Rebecca, the headstrong daughter of a powerful white frontiersman, both inspire and hobble him. Fiore infuses real chemistry into their romance and aching tragedy into their love affair. It’s fair to say that this book will strongly appeal to those who enjoy historical romance.

This story resonated with me on several levels. THE LAST GREAT AMERICAN MAGIC paints a vivid picture of the beginning of the end for the great eastern nations. While I enjoyed the history and action, it was Tecumseh’s troubled relationships and love affair that I think truly makes this an excellent read. THE LAST GREAT AMERICAN MAGIC treats the history fairly, too, and never gets preachy. The magical elements are presented every bit as seriously as the historical elements, and give the entire story an epic dimension worthy of any high fantasy novel.

The Recommendation

THE LAST GREAT AMERICAN MAGIC is a worthy read and holds broad appeal for any who enjoy historical or literary fiction, romance and even fantasy. It is a beautifully written, quality novel and worthy of the title TOP PICK.

The Rating Selected as a Top Pick!

Top Pick! 5 Stars (out of five): Freaking amazing. Any agent or publishing house that passed this one up made a big mistake. It was selected by our reviewer as a personal favorite. This is also a nomination for our Novel of the Year award.

The Pros & Cons

Pros: Believable, Characterization, Dialogue, Steamy Romance

Author’s Summary

Some men are born heroes.

By the late eighteenth century, the lush river valley of the Ohio Country is the last stronghold of the Shawnee Indians, a deeply religious tribe whose medicine men practice the blackest and most potent magical arts. The Last Great American Magic reimagines the legend of Tecumseh, a physically gifted warrior, groomed from birth to one day lead, and his twin brother Rattle, a wickedly smart but lazy prophet with blossoming supernatural gifts. Growing up, the boys are rivals, but in adulthood they reconcile in hopes of assembling a confederacy of Native American tribes to drive back the ruthless advance of white settlers and reclaim the land they once called home.

Described as “Lev Grossman’s The Magicians meets Last of the Mohicans by James Fenimore Cooper,” The Last Great American Magic animates a thrilling and mystical period of American history set against an enchanting and dangerously shifting landscape. This is a story of one man struggling to define himself against a rapidly changing new-world order. A story of brotherhood, of family duty–the way home always, in the end, calls us back.

“From the finest strands of magical realism,” says Cristel M. Orrand, author of Khayal, “Fiore has woven a historical re-imagining where the reader is so perfectly caught, he forgets he already knows how Tecumseh’s story ends.”

History, after all, is written by the winners. So what most people know about Tecumseh is that he was a Shawnee war chief who served under the British during the War of 1812. If they know their political history, they also might connect Tecumseh with America’s ninth president, William Henry Harrison, who defeated Tecumseh’s confederacy of native tribes in the Battle of Tippecanoe.

The newest novel from award-winning author L.C. Fiore, The Last Great American Magic, re-casts the origin story of an American legend that has largely been overlooked: until now.

“This is not just a novel about war,” says award-winning author Miriam Herin (A Stone for Bread). “It’s a story about family and coming of age, about finding one’s mission in life. It’s also a love story between Tecumseh and the beautiful white hostage who wants to convert him to her faith and instead captures his heart. Fiore brilliantly conjures this lost world as if he’s lived in it. Through his perceptive eyes, this is a journey into the past well worth taking.”

If you think you know the legend of Tecumseh, think again.

Short Description

The Last Great American Magic reimagines the legend of Tecumseh, a physically gifted warrior, and his twin brother Rattle, a wickedly smart but lazy prophet. Growing up, the boys are rivals, but in adulthood they reconcile to form a confederacy of Native American tribes and fight the advance of settlers.


A brilliant reimagining of the legend of Tecumseh.

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