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| 5 stars: Review of BONDS OF BLOOD & SPIRIT: LEGACIES by Deb Dorchak | 5 Stars: Review of Intoxic by Angie Gallion | 3.5 stars: Review of THE DEATH OF ANYONE by DJ Swykert | 3.5 stars: Review of HIDDEN IN THE DARK by RaShell Lashbrook | 4 Star Review of TOM STONE: SWELTERING SUMMER NIGHTS | TOP PICK! Review of The After War by Brandon Zenner | Review of Bonds of Blood & Spirit: Reclamations by Deb Dorchak | Review of A FLASH OF RED by Sarah K. Stevens | Review of REBEL VAMPIRES VOLUME 2: BLOOD SHACKLES by Rosemary A Johns | Review of THE END by Justine Avery | Review of THE SIX TRAIN TO WISCONSIN by Kourtney Heintz | Review of BLOQ by Alan Jones | Review of “How NOT To Be An American High School GIrl in the 70s” by Gail Spencer Choate | Review of BONDS OF BLOOD & SPIRIT: UNCIVIL WARS | Review of Blood Dragons by Rosemary A. Johns | Interview with Rosemary Johns | 4 Stars – A SECONDHAND LIFE by Pamela Crane | 5 Stars! – THE RECITAL by Kyle V. Hiller | Interview with Kyle V. Hiller | Interview with Deb Dorchak and Wendi Kelly | Review of LOYALTIES by Deb Dorchak | Review of AGONY OF BEING ME by Victoria Valentine – 4 Stars | Interview with Victoria Valentine | Review of Lady Ruth Bromfield by Gordon Smith | Review of IN PASSING by JR Wirth | Review of PROTECTOR by Elaine Gonzales | Review of The Song Journey by T.E. Scott | Review of WHISKEY DEVILS by Brandon Zenner | Review of RED LINE: THE SHIFT by J. T. Bishop | Review of Dark Sky by Joel Canfield | Interview With Robert Cowan | TOP PICK! Review of A Necessary Act by Tony Wirt | Interview with Tony Wirt | Review of In Vitro Lottery by Ed Ryder | Review of Daydreams and Devils by Robert Cowan | Review of Second Chances by Lincoln Cole

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